Sustainable Print

Our Commitment

It's our mission to offer outstanding print that doesn't cost the earth - Here at Paddle Print we are constantly working on new ways of producing more sustainable print and introducing more sustainable print methods. 


Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment has meant that our print suppliers must meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. These are a set of environmental management standards to measure environmental impact. This is good for us, you and the planet

Sustainable Paper Stock

Pulp paper

When deciding on greener print options, Paddle Print pulp paper is a great place to start. Produced using recycled paper pulp, it’s rough to the touch with an uncoated finish – giving it authentic feel. Being kind to the environment, pulp paper is a popular choice for many businesses who are eco-conscious about their printing. If you’re looking to increase your printed output but want to minimise your carbon footprint, this is an option worth considering.

Kraft paper

 Our Kraft paper is 100% recycled and ideal for showing your eco-conscious to your customers whilst maintaining a high quality feel. With its natural, vintage-like quality, its often used by businesses with an industrial style.